3 Minute French — Course 1

Kieran Ball
2 min readApr 28, 2019

This is the first course in the 3 Minute French series and it consists of lessons 1–9. You can enrol on this course as a complete beginner and you’ll be forming your own sentences by the end of the first lesson.

3 Minute French by Kieran Ball

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In each lesson, you’ll learn a few words and phrases that you’ll be able to put together to form sentences. The good thing about the method in this course is that everything you learn is repeated throughout, so you’ll never need to go back to recap anything.

The words and phrases that you’ll learn in this course will be useful to you in any French speaking country. A lot of traditional language courses either start by teaching you an endless list of pronunciation rules, or you learn phrases that aren’t too useful for the beginner, such as how to talk about your family or your job. In 3 Minute French, you’ll learn the most useful words first. As well as vocabulary, there are some useful grammar points that will be explained to you in bitesized chunks. You’ll then be given plenty of opportunities to put them into practice. We’ll explore the masculine and feminine nature of nouns in French and look at why it isn’t really as tricky as a lot of grammar books make it out to be.

You’ll also be given two Vocabulary Expansion Sheets, which are documents full of useful vocabulary in specific topics (‘food & drink’ and ‘numbers’). These Vocabulary Expansion Sheets give a boost to your French and help to improve your comprehension.

Finally, the title… Obviously, you can’t learn French in just three minutes, but you can learn it in three-minute chunks. Usually, when you learn something new, you start out with great enthusiasm and motivation, however, this dwindles very quickly. Instead, if you keep your learning to short daily bursts, you’ll be able to maintain your motivation and you’ll end up sticking with whatever it is you’re learning. By keeping your learning to short chunks, you’ll maintain your enthusiasm, it’ll quickly become a daily habit, and you’ll find you remember things much more easily.

I hope you enjoy :-)

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