Let’s have a look through the first two paragraphs in the Spanish version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and see what we learn

Here’s a quick game that will help you to learn a new language

If you use the code WELCOME on my Teachable website, you can get any course for $7.50


3 Minute Languages

A useful feature of Disney+ is that you can watch the films and programmes in different languages

Have you ever wondered what the lyrics to this Italian aria mean?

There’s an app called Kryss, which is a great tool for building vocabulary in a foreign language

I have been getting a lot of emails saying that my 3MINUTE discount coupon code isn’t working on any of my courses on Udemy

Let’s read through a Spanish article about coronavirus and pick up some new vocabulary

Kieran Ball

Teacher and creator of 3 Minute Languages — a series of books and online courses that help you to learn a foreign language quickly and easily www.3minute.club

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