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2 min readNov 28, 2018


Every sentence must contain a verb and you can change the meaning of a simple sentence by changing the tense of the verb. For example:

I speak to George.
I spoke to George.
I will speak to George.
I am speaking to George.
I would have spoken to George.

Each sentence above is the same except for the tense of the verb.

I have created a course called “Fly Through English — Verb Tenses” to help you to understand and master the sixteen different tenses in English. In the course, you will learn about each tense in depth, have ample opportunity for practising what you’ve learnt and you’ll also look at the irregular verbs in each tense.

If you’re familiar with my 3 Minute Languages courses, you’ll recognise the methodology and format of this course. I’ve split the course into videos of just three minutes in length. This allows even the busiest student to watch a video at least once a day without having to make a huge commitment.

If you would like to try the course, you can do so for free on SkillShare by using this link:

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