• Leonardo Moura

    Leonardo Moura

    Artist, Engineer and book lover.

  • PrimTVee


    Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I physically thrive in humorous discussions and introspective and social political issues. 🕊🦋

  • Ulaş Can Atılgan

    Ulaş Can Atılgan

  • Tinu Abayomi-Paul

    Tinu Abayomi-Paul

    I write short posts laughing about the mess that is me. And long researched essays on being a better citizen of The World. We’re not free until we’re all free.

  • Blessed Soul

    Blessed Soul

    I am on the mission of empowering soul and inspire them to unwrap their unique gifts.

  • Jose Carlos S.

    Jose Carlos S.

  • Jeyapal Purushothaman

    Jeyapal Purushothaman

  • Rabia Mustafa

    Rabia Mustafa

    Loves positivism and freedom, passionate about traveling, hates hatred, writes on random topics of everyday life

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