I’ve finally figured out Udemy coupon codes!

I have been getting a lot of emails saying that my 3MINUTE discount coupon code isn’t working on any of my courses on Udemy

Kieran Ball


Unfortunately, Udemy changed their policy on coupon codes, so I’m not allowed to offer a code that lasts forever. However, I think I’ve figured it out now. I’m allowed to offer codes that last for five days.

So, for the next five days, if you use the code 3MINUTEMARCH on any of my Udemy language courses, you can get them for $9.99.

I’ve also created a section at the very end of each course where I shall put the updated voucher code. So, whenever you’re ready to move onto the next course, you’ll find the current discount coupon code on the last lesson.

3 Minute Languages

The 3 Minute Languages courses are perfect for the complete beginner. They will get you speaking a language from scratch, assuming you know absolutely nothing. You will be amazed at how quickly you’re able to put sentences together. And you will memorise new words and phrases easily without even trying.

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Building Structures

The Building Structures courses are a revolutionary way to look at foreign language acquisition; you will learn how any language can be broken down into around fifteen structures. Each course focuses on a different structure, and you will learn how to form it, make it negative and turn it into a question. Each structure gives you a huge amount to say, and once you’ve learnt all fifteen structures, you will know everything about the language. All you have to do is fill in the gaps with words to form a…



Kieran Ball

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